Here Today. Gone To Maui.

by The Passenger

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This album was lot of fun to make! We spent about a week tracking drums, bass and guitars in the beautiful John Blanche Recording Studio. Then we shacked up in NeverNeverLand Studios to complete the vocals and keys. "Here Today. Gone To Maui." was mixed by Ed Rose(Get Up Kids, Appleseed Cast, Motion City Soundtrack and many more), and mastered at Turtletone Studio. The cover art is a drawing by an amazing Dutch artist, Lobke Van Aar. We're very proud to deliver this to you, and would love for you to share it with your friends!!


released January 1, 2012



all rights reserved


The Passenger Winter Park, Florida

Florida based band with roots in da' grunge-y, alternative stuff.

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Track Name: Easy Come. Easy Go.
There’s a memory in my mind I was in the Carolinas
On a tour we were bored nevermore when we decided to change all that
Hey bum, “c’mon over here. This is our last dime, can you help us score?”
He said, “no problem, let’s go.” One mile into our hike, he ran off.
That’s why I say:

Easy come easy go

After the show we were bummed and then we realized we lost our drummer
3am he emerged with a smile through a door marked massage parlor
None of us believed our eyes
When this man of god told us what he just did.
We split up what we had earned (from the show) and got in line to take our turns

It should be noted that late that night we hunted that bum
Just to find our money’d been spent on a pile of crack for him

It’s easy come, easy go
Track Name: Boy In A Bubble
Have I told you about the boy in the bubble with a hole in his head?
He’s looking for trouble and he wants to feed on your dead
And he’s coming for you at least he said he was

Well, the bees are with their keeper and the clouds have found the sun

Now he’s picking up steam and he wants to talk
On his way he hits the bottle in his head he walks the walk
In his world, he knows right where he’s going to
When the bubble hits the doorstep then it’s time to follow through

(When he says) good morning to you
I bet you didn’t think you’d see me right now
Good morning to you
I’ve been gone for long

With his back turned towards the sky and his head turned towards the sun
Smoke covers reality and it’s time to have fun
Doing just what he came to do
When the bubble hits the bottle and the bottle shows the truth
Track Name: Here Today. Gone To Maui.
I woke up in the van
After a night of sweet debauchery
Back doors were open wide
My swollen eyes could barely see
The alley cat sleeping right on top of me

Nothing to say

A lot has changed since then
Looking back the stories seem pretend
Scamming girls for booze and beds to sleep and food to eat
In a van outside LA we lost our sanity

That was my life on the road
Hazy days of crazy running towards a pot of gold
There’s a time to let it die
There’s a time for everything

Oh look he’s talking to the walls
When relapse grabs a hold, it grabs it all
Waiting for the bus and keeping straight since Mother’s Day
Ran into us and out of luck and on his way

That’s his life on the go
He ran too fast when he needed just to take it slow
Some things you just can’t change
Some things you can’t control