A Dog Named Bear

by The Passenger

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released April 20, 2013

Produced by Justin Beckler and The Passenger
Mixed by Justin Beckler
Mastered by Tony Battaglia
Cover Art by Lobke Van Aar
Layout by Bennett Newsome

“A Dog Named Bear,” was recorded in the winter of 2012/2013.
All songs written by The Passenger

The Passenger is:
Noah Kussack-vox/gtr
Bennett Newsome-gtr/vox
Will Brotz III-bass
Manny Monteagudo-keys
Beau Rothman-drums

Thank you to our family and friends. We love you.
Thanks especially to Steven Palmer and Mike Gottehrer.

In loving memory of John Carson and Josh Stern

Copyright ASCAP 2013



all rights reserved


The Passenger Winter Park, Florida

Florida based band with roots in da' grunge-y, alternative stuff.

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Track Name: Pile of Bones
“pile of bones”

first you let her know that youd never regret her
but when you gotta forget her you just gotta fuckin forget her
couldn’t say it in style walked away without a smile
with your hands in your pockets and your head in denial

will this sickness stick around until all your days are gone
will these feelings ever change and when will you know if you were wrong
you can bet your bottom dollar that the next time you call her
all the strength you thought you had wont be there for you to swallow

whoah oh whoah oh-ooooh
yea we’re all just a pile of bones
anyway whoah oh-oh
yea we’re all just a pile of bo uh-oh uh-oh oh uh-oh uh-oh oh uh-oh uh-ones
all just a pile of bones
anyway whoah uh-oh
yea we’re all just a pile of bones

…in the sand.whos the god in your hand
whos your god, whos your friend?
and who do you pretend will pick you up when youre down?
and turn it all around?
ive seen the face of denial with a big fuckin smile
and again and again til the point is within
when everything and anything you do is considered a sin
and the ghosts linger on and they all know your name
because you get a little closer with each passing day oh yea…

woke up to a setting sun my first in a while
with my head in the clouds and my brain on a trial with itself
for things that I could think but I couldn’t ever say out loud
cause no one would keep me if I talked this way
and when all is said and done and everything has moved along
I think I think Ill think about you every time I sing this song
with a distant yesterday spark deep within my eye
and a feeling that youre feeling all the feelings I describe when you say
Track Name: Down & Out
down and out”

I used to feel the pain you feel
But a bit of age killed my teenage angst
And through the years I have found
Up is good
But its oh so nice to be down and out

I don’t look back
I don’t recall
many things that much at all
ive come undone
ive been unglued
lots of times its nothing new

Life gets easy when you learn you wont change the world

I don’t mind the sun sometimes
And I can stand the rain
It’s easy livin’
If the sun don’t shine
And the birds don’t sing
Then we’d all go insane
Its easy livin’

Sometimes youre right
Sometimes youre wrong
It doesn’t matter that much at all
I will or wont do anything
words to live by
don’t you think

I get low when im not burnin’ at both ends
I come up slow in an effort to avoid the bends
And im not going down for complacency
Do or die. Its aself-fulfilling prophecy
Track Name: When It All Went Down
“when it all went down”

this heres an atom bomb ive been holding it all along
when its set to blow then ill let you know but until then youre alright

another summer has come and gone
life keeps movin’ on
we’re all living a lie and ive got to try to find where I belong

these little thoughts of mine I keep singing in and out of time
hopin’ the next word will make the rest heard and make my whole life rhyme

where did I go wrong when it all went down
I thought I turned out right but then I hit the ground

these times are tougher now ive been living but living without
how long can it go until I explode from following the sound
cause ive got to find a way ive been getting higher everyday
but chasin the sun’s no longer the fun that we all used say
Track Name: Gift Horse
how I wish I could find
a little sadness how divine
a little sadness for my mind
solves the problem everytime
but little sadness I cant find
I cant find you this time

this is my awakening from everything
and I, I don’t think ill ever get there

looked a gift horse in the mouth
count the teeth but time runs out
it’s a dream but its devout
every time the same thing goes
needing wants til they explode
needing wants I cant forego
Track Name: Killer Fashion
watch out the radio is taking the sparkle out of rock and roll
mindless rhetoric music with no pride
the kids are lacking in their own originality
because of your clichés and overkills

don’t wait for me to come around

theres nothing new here. nothing that you haven’t heard before
except the words are dumber this time round
trendy posers return your blazers and your girl jeans
‘cause you know that they don’t fit you anyway

so whats it all about
Track Name: A Toast To Mr. Carson
the good die young I know this
learned it again today
every time I forget someone good passes away
its quiet in this town on this solemn night
and its quite deserving
theres never a good time
to say goodbye forever
theres never a good day
to bury a friend

a toast to you j carson
taken too soon away
Track Name: Favors & Questions
tired of lonely tired of crazy and wanting more than ive got
toss back another whatever your pleasure ignoring all the things that ive not
my times over now my times cutting backwards
I cant be the one the one youre running after

killing the pain now and feeling it later
enjoy everything now ‘cause endings are bitter
no matter how you swallow them down

still rolling down a lonely road
where I end up no one will know
time hold me now

ill ask you a favor ill ask you a question
make it truth ill follow your lead